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NC Public Safety Launches Litter Free NC Campaign


At a press conference, Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry kicked off the Litter Free NC campaign, and asked, “How many times have you swerved to avoid inanimate objects in the road such as broken car parts and shredded tires, or seen trash and debris flying out of an unsecured truck bed? At least one accident a day is caused by litter in the road.

Fst. Sgt. Jeff Gordon and Trooper Michael Baker have been on radio talk shows across the state telling listeners about the Litter Free NC campaign and reminding them to secure trash in their cars and truck beds, and to dispose of litter properly. “People may think litter is a victimless crime, but it impacts people’s safety, security and well-being, as well as their pocketbook,” Gordon said. “Millions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year to pick up and remove roadside litter.”

In 2012, the State of North Carolina spent more than $16 million cleaning up roadside trash that filled more than 325,000 garbage bags, equaling seven million pounds.