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What factors could impact a drug trafficking case?

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a substantial setback in your life. You may think that you understand your initial charge, but you may later find out that you actually face more serious allegations than first believed. It is common for certain types of criminal activities, especially drug charges, to have differing degrees of severity.

With a more minor offense, like drug possession, a person could face a misdemeanor charge. However, felony charges could apply to more serious situations, like drug trafficking. Trafficking is one of the most severe types of drug crimes, and if authorities have accused you of participating in such an activity, you will undoubtedly have your hands full working on your defense.

Aspects of your case

The potential consequences of a conviction for drug trafficking can depend on many factors. Some of the aspects of your case you may want to review include the following:

  • Where the drugs were distributed
  • What type of substances were distributed
  • The amount of drugs involved
  • Whether children were targeted by distribution efforts

You may have initially thought that a charge of drug possession could come against if you authorities found an illegal substance, but charges for trafficking could have come about if investigators believed that you had enough of a substance to sell. As a result, rather than facing a misdemeanor allegation, you now face a felony charge.

Authorities may also look at the class of drug involved. A Schedule II substance may come with less severe consequences if a conviction occurs than if a Schedule I substance was involved.

Federal crime

Drug trafficking also falls into the category of a federal crime. As a result, you may need to learn about North Carolina state laws regarding this crime as well as federal laws. Federal cases may prove more difficult to work through, and you will undoubtedly want to make sure you have the right information regarding the exact charges brought against you and the path your case will follow.

As you assess your circumstances, you will certainly want to make sure you explore your criminal defense options. An attorney could help you understand what avenues may work for your circumstances and act as an advocate to guide you through the entirety of the legal proceedings associated with your criminal case. Drug trafficking charges can be difficult to face, and you certainly do not want to go it alone.