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North Carolina woman accused of lacing coffee with meth

A 41-year-old North Carolina woman lost her job and was taken into police custody after allegedly lacing a co-worker’s coffee with methamphetamine. The woman faces felony counts of drug possession and contaminating food and drink. Reports indicate that she has been released from the Catawba County jail, strongly asserts her innocence and plans to mount a vigorous defense.

Officers from the Town of Hudson Police Department became involved when a man who had checked himself into a local hospital tested positive for methamphetamine and told his doctors that he believed he had been poisoned. Police say that they identified the woman as their primary suspect after watching video footage recorded at the man’s place of employment. The footage, which police say will not be released while their investigation is ongoing, is said to show the woman putting a substance believed to be methamphetamine into a coffee cup. Media accounts suggest that the man and woman were embroiled in a long-running workplace dispute.

Police took the woman into custody after watching the tape and allegedly discovering methamphetamine in her car. Officers claim that she gave them permission to conduct the search. In a lengthy interview given to a local reporter, the woman denied the charges, claimed that she was being set up and implied that drugs had been planted in her unlocked vehicle. However, she did not go so far as to suggest that police officers had planted evidence.

Criminal defense attorneys may urge their clients to avoid speaking with reporters even if they feel outraged and wronged. The vast majority of cases involving drug charges are resolved at the negotiating table, and even experienced attorneys may find it difficult to secure concessions from prosecutors who are under great scrutiny because the press is involved.

Source: WSOCTV, Hudson woman fired after surveillance video shows her allegedly lacing coworker’s drink with meth, Dave Faherty, Nov. 6, 2018