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What you need to know about drugged driving

While you may not drink and drive as a North Carolina motorist, that does not mean you will never find yourself pulled over by the police and hit with a DWI. The legal prescription you take could turn you into an unintentional hazard on the road. Here at The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., we often counsel clients on avoiding a drug offense while taking steps to improve their health.

Drugged driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of medication. Learn the facts regarding drugged driving to stay on the right side of the law.

How legal prescriptions can put others in danger

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some legal medications cause dizziness, sleepiness and impaired judgment. Such side effects can cause the safest of drivers to weave in and out of lanes, fail to pay attention to the road and experience sluggish reaction times, any of which can lead to an accident.

Substances commonly connected to drugged driving

Some substances are more commonly linked to drugged driving than others. Marijuana is certainly at the top of the list. Even in places like Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal, driving while under the influence of marijuana is not legal.

Opioid medications are the second-most common substance connected to drugged driving. No matter whether a driver uses marijuana or opioids, the odds of crashing increase when you add alcohol consumption to the equation.

To avoid driving while drugged, talk with your doctor and pharmacist about the side effects of your prescription before you start taking it. For more information on this subject, please visit our page on drug charge defense.