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Can a DWI affect my college opportunities?

Growing up involves learning to make good decisions. Even the best students can make judgment errors, often involving alcohol.

If law enforcement stops your student for driving while impaired in North Carolina, it may affect many aspects of their life, including their college scholarship.

Is DWI serious in North Carolina?

North Carolina takes DWI very seriously. Even a first offense has a mandatory minimum jail time of 24 hours, along with fines and community service requirements. Additionally, North Carolina has a zero-tolerance policy for offenders under the age of 21. Any amount of alcohol, including the officer smelling alcohol on the driver’s breath, results in automatic license suspension pending trial.

Can a DWI affect my college opportunities?

Being convicted of a DWI can affect college opportunities at every level, including graduate and professional degree programs.

  • Admissions: applications ask about criminal behavior; as a misdemeanor, you must disclose a DWI. The school may choose to deny your application.
  • Scholarship: students who rely on scholarships, grants and federal funds to pay tuition may find that DWI results in ineligibility.
  • Probation or Expulsion: students convicted of DWI may face probation due to a school’s conduct requirements. Repeat offenders may face expulsion.

Can you defend yourself against DWI charges?

You absolutely should defend yourself against DWI charges. Common defenses include: questioning the stop, challenging the field test and providing a reason for a false positive. All of these are reasons for the court to dismiss your case.

Being convicted of a DWI can be detrimental to your higher education opportunities. Vigorously defending yourself is the way to protect your future.