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What do you know about mitigation and traffic violations?

Maybe you were a bit too caught up in the flow of traffic when you received your speeding ticket at the hands of North Carolina law enforcement. Do you have no choice but to pay it and accept the consequences?

NerdWallet explores mitigation and other alternate outcomes when you receive a speeding ticket. You do not have to feel trapped in an unfortunate situation.

Defining mitigation

With mitigation, you make a deal with the court and prosecutor to reduce your ticket amount. You may request the option either during or before your scheduled hearing, but check with the court to determine the most opportune time. Depending on the court, you may have to write your mitigation request.

Mitigation offers several outcomes:

  • Have more time to pay the required fine
  • Pay all or a portion of the ticket, but the violation does not affect your driving record
  • Receive a lesser fine
  • Enroll in a driving class rather than pay the ticket

No matter the result, you must offer proof that you deserve a reduced penalty.

Exploring other outcomes

If mitigation does not work, or if you feel the alternative does not represent a viable option, you may have other avenues to explore. You may have the option of taking a driving course instead of paying your ticket, but this may only work if you have no other moving violations on your record. You could also ask about deferral, wherein you receive a ticket dismissal after paying your fine and not receiving another traffic violation for a pre-determined period.

Could mitigation help with your traffic ticket? Learn how to protect your rights by understanding your rights.