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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

Experienced Lawyer-Pilot For Passengers, Pilots and Aviation Professionals

Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based lawyer J.D. Byers is an instrument-rated pilot and aircraft owner who understands the issues in your aviation law challenge. He frequently provides counsel and representation on matters ranging from FAA enforcement actions to legal actions after a crash.

Attorney J.D. Byers has flown to South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Florida to provide legal counsel for pilots, injured passengers and people in the aviation business. Call our law office at 336-727-1070 or send us e-mail from anywhere — nationwide — to discuss your specific aviation law issues.Aviation Law/FAA Violations

Aggressively Defending Your Pilot’s License and Your Individual Rights

J.D. Byers’ substantial experience providing criminal defense in federal court can be a major asset for anyone facing FAA enforcement actions, which are often signaled by a letter of investigation or notice of proposed certificate action. He is also knowledgeable in personal injury law and insurance negotiations, and has investigated a number of aircraft accident sites.

Although FAA violations are not technically criminal matters, proceedings can be very similar. A federal governing body sits in judgment, considers evidence and makes a decision about consequences for you. Those consequences may include license revocation or suspension and fines or other civil penalties. We provide counsel and action for many pilots accused of violating FAA rules, guidelines and restrictions.

We have the experience to protect your rights and interests in situations like:

  • Alleged errors or misconduct leading to an airplane crash
  • Running out of fuel
  • Runway encroachment
  • Flying into restricted airspace without authorization, often due to GPS inaccuracy

FAA Medical Certificate Issues — DWI Reporting — Flying for Hire

We also represent people who face challenges related to:

  • Nonrenewal of FAA medical credentials because of health issues
  • Stripping of your pilot’s license due to failure to report a DWI or certain other charges
  • Transporting people, or “flying for hire,” without having completed all the requirements necessary for licensing as a commercial operation

Representing Pilots and Aircraft Owners in Insurance Disputes
You may face a challenging dispute with your insurance company, typically involving a denied claim or refusal to provide coverage when your plane is damaged. At the Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., we want to help in your fight for just compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.