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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

Taking The Lead Against Your Assault Charge

Police departments in Winston-Salem and all over North Carolina will often rush to file charges against people accused of assault or battery. That rush to judgment is one of the many ways police make mistakes. The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., will take the lead against any assault charge to protect your rights.

As an attorney with over two decades of experience fighting for clients in criminal court, J.D. Byers knows how to present a defense that is calibrated to best protect his clients’ futures. With jail time and damage to your reputation on the line, having a lawyer who will provide a thorough, focused defense for you is vital.

How The Rush To Judge Causes Mistakes

Since the police often rush to make an arrest in assault cases, especially if the victim in question is woman, there are many mistakes made that can be exploited to get you the defense you deserve. For example:

  • He said/she said – Did the police unreasonably doubt your credibility? Did they believe the other party when they should have questioned his or her version of what happened?
  • Misfiling evidence — If the evidence chain has been broken, whatever findings they have from a particular piece of evidence is no longer admissible.
  • Improper treatment during interrogation — In a rush to judge, police can force or coerce confessions from people, which can be thrown out.
  • Use of untrustworthy witnesses — Witnesses are an important part in any investigation, but frequently witnesses can be wrong or lying. By relying on unreliable witnesses, the prosecution will undermine the case against you.

These are just some of the issues we will investigate to help us build a strong defense for you.

The Respect You Deserve

The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., wants to provide the personal attention and respect you deserve. The stress of possibly losing everything you have worked toward in your life is painful, and you want an attorney who cares about you. Call us at 336-727-1070, or contact us online.