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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

Experience Counts When Defending Drug Charges

Drug offenses come in all degrees of severity from the college kid with a few ounces of marijuana to the professionals suffering from opioid addiction to professional drug traffickers. These classes of offenses all have one thing in common: people. These are real people with real lives and real problems facing serious drug charges. The legal consequences of these mistakes could follow them for the rest of their lives.

At The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., our focus is on helping those who have been charged. Facing a conviction for a drug offense can have long-lasting and devastating effects for a person, and we take that seriously. When you become one of our clients we intend to win.

We Are Aggressive Because We Care

The opioid epidemic has hit Winston-Salem and all of North Carolina the same way as it has hit every town and family all over the country. An individual can go from having a real prescription from a doctor to having a prescription drug or heroin problem in an astonishingly short period of time. Addiction is a disease – this is an undisputed fact. You should not be punished because you are suffering from a disease you have little to no control over.

Our reputation for aggressive defense of our clients and the drive to get the results they need are well-known. J.D. Byers has a prolific record as an attorney, and it is his hands-on approach to each of his cases that has earned him respect in North Carolina criminal courts.

A Lawyer Who Intends To Win

When we take a client, we do it with the understanding that we will go the distance to protect them. We offer a free consultation, to demonstrate how we will fight for you. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call us now at 336-727-1070, or contact us online.