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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

We Can Guide You Through Aircraft Transactions

Any aircraft business transaction — from plane sale or purchase to forming an ownership agreement — is a big decision. At the Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we understand the major investment required to buy an aircraft — as well as costs of training, licensing, insurance and maintenance.

Proven attorney and pilot J.D. Byers shares his aviation clients’ passion for aircraft and flying, and he provides resourceful, diligent defense of your rights and financial interests. He has been flying since 1994 and practicing law even longer. For counsel and representation in an aircraft business transaction, contact us today.

Recourse After an Aircraft Purchase — Protection Before the Sale —Business Agreements and Licensing

Just as most states have specific “lemon laws” providing recourse if you buy a car that has been misrepresented, you may have strong recourse after purchasing a faulty airplane. Lawyer J.D. Byers will assess the situation, evaluate relevant documents and explain your legal options.

The best time to involve J.D. Byers is before you buy a plane or finalize any other aircraft business transaction or aviation-related agreement. This step will help ensure that:

  • The plane is properly inspected and valued.
  • You understand your legal rights and risks under any sale or lease agreement.

We have the experience and contacts to assist you in situations that include:

  • Setting up fractional ownership agreements — protecting jet owners’ interests in matters of taxation and FAA regulation
  • Counsel for companies that own multiple airplanes but are not FAA “135” designated
  • Handling other key matters associated with aircraft ownership, such as business formation of an LLP, P.A. entity or corporation
  • Protecting the legal and financial interests of sellers, buyers, purchasers and brokers of aircraft transactions

Representation in Aircraft Maintenance Disputes

If your plane is damaged or improperly repaired by a maintenance facility, the dangers are substantial and the costs can be major. Our law offices are focused on taking valid, important aviation cases and helping you obtain a just, fair outcome. We are willing to handle your case involving a faulty repair. We have also represented maintenance facilities requiring legal action to protect their interests.

To consult an aviation law attorney with the knowledge to help you make sound decisions and guard against risk, please contact us today.