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Let Us Do The Worrying For You

We Stand By Your Side After An Aircraft Accident 

Attorney and pilot J.D. Byers has the direct aviation knowledge and legal experience to capably represent you if you have been involved in an airplane crash or other type of aircraft accident.

Please contact our Winston-Salem, North Carolina, law offices for counsel and advocacy if:

  • You are a pilot who has been involved in a crash and are now dealing with NTSB actions or FAA violations and enforcement action
  • You have suffered serious personal injury as a passenger in a plane crash, or you have lost a loved one and are considering an aircraft accident-based wrongful death claim
  • After an aircraft accident, your insurance claim is denied, or payment of the claim is inadequate or unreasonably delayed

Nationwide Availability and Access to Many Aviation Experts

As a pilot since 1994 and a plane owner himself, attorney J.D. Byers is able to promptly visit any aircraft accident site nationwide. He has experience in all aspects of crash investigation and access to numerous industry experts capable of helping build your case.

Success in Insurance Disputes Over Aircraft Damage

J.D. also understands the passion for flying and the financial stake you may have in your aircraft, training, license and other aviation investments. Whether damage to your plane is related to a crash or any other cause, it is common for insurance companies to “find a reason” not to pay for repair.

As an example of our ability to advocate for pilots and aircraft owners, consider this recent case:

We represented an aircraft owner whose plane’s nose wheel collapsed upon landing. The pilot in this case was rated to instruct in that airplane. However, because he had not had “recurrent training” in that specific plane within 12 months, the insurance company denied coverage. We were successful in recovering over $100,000 for the aircraft owner by showing that the pilot was well-qualified and the recurrent training requirement should have been waived. In addition, our case involved proving that mechanical failure — not pilot error — caused the crash.

We have substantial experience representing pilots, aircraft owners, passengers involved in aircraft accidents, maintenance facilities and others involved in aviation. To discuss your legal issues with a lawyer who flies, contact us today.