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Do you qualify for Forsyth County Drug Treatment Court?

If you face criminal charges associated with drugs or alcohol, you may qualify for Forsyth County Drug Treatment Court. This program strives to help individuals who struggle with substance use disorder recover from addiction and stay out of the criminal justice system.

Review the eligibility criteria and program requirements for drug court if you have pending DUI, drug possession or related charges.

Drug court eligibility

You may be eligible for drug court if you live in Forsyth County, are age 18 or older, and meet the criteria for probation. You cannot enroll in drug court if you appear on the sex offender registry.

The drug court coordinator will also consider the extent of your substance use issues and your commitment to engage in addiction recovery. Other factors include your housing situation, whether you have pending cases in other counties, and whether you have trafficking charges beyond drug sales to support your own substance use.

Program requirements

If you qualify for drug court, you must spend at least a year completing the requirements of the program. Your court-supervised probation period will include regular appearances before the drug court judge, a treatment plan tailored to your substance use and mental health needs, individual and group counseling, and regular drug testing.

Upon successful program completion, you will be eligible for a waiver of your probation fees and other penalties, including jail time if applicable. You can start the drug court process if you have pending charges by asking your attorney to submit a referral form to Forsyth County Drug Court.