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The crime of prostitution

North Carolina residents should know that prostitution can have many forms. They can include escort services, streetwalkers, call-girls and working in a brothel. Individuals who agree to, offer or take part in a sexual act in return for compensation are in violation of prostitution laws.

With the exception of certain areas of Nevada, prostitution is illegal in the United States. In the areas in Nevada where it is legal, it is stringently regulated.

Baseball player detained on suspicion of DUI

Jayson Werth, who played as a former outfielder on the Washington Nationals, was detained on suspicion of driving under the influence. Baseball fans in North Carolina may recall that Werth was trying to get on the Seattle Mariners at the time of the alleged incident. He retired from baseball two months after the alleged DUI occurred.

Werth was initially pulled over by police due to having an expired vehicle registration. When a police officer approached the vehicle, Werth allegedly told the officer that he didn't have the current registration because the vehicle he was driving was borrowed. Werth then allegedly tried handing the officer a "courtesy card" that explained he was a current Major League Baseball player. After looking at the card, the officer asked Werth to get out of the vehicle and inquired how much he had had to drink that night. Werth told the officer that he drank only one glass of wine that evening.

Why is a search warrant for your home so important?

Hollywood usually depicts suspects asking investigators if they have a search warrant before just letting officers enter their homes. Movies and television may have gotten this one right.

If you are like most North Carolina residents, then you probably don't fully understand why it's crucial for you not to allow law enforcement officials to enter your home without a valid search warrant. The information below could provide you with some valuable insight into why you shouldn't just consent to a search.

North Carolina men charged after drug raid

Police in North Carolina took two men into custody on the morning of Sept. 11 who they believe were responsible for distributing significant quantities of methamphetamine throughout Caldwell County. The men were arrested after members of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office SWAT team conducted a search of their Lenoir residence. Narcotics officers from the Lenoir Police Department were also dispatched to the scene on Northwest Hillside Street according to reports.

Media accounts reveal that the evidence needed to obtain a warrant to search the home was gathered during an investigation run jointly by the CCSO and LPD. During this operation, undercover officers are said to have purchased methamphetamine from the men on several occasions. The search allegedly yielded methamphetamine with a street value of approximately $31,500 and what was described as a small amount of marijuana. Officers also say that they found evidence of a drug distribution business including ledgers, drug paraphernalia and $7,649 in cash.

Resident physician charged with DWI

A North Carolina resident physician was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Morganton on Aug. 26. As a result, the man was suspended from his job.

According to media reports, the 29-year-old defendant was driving on South Sterling Street shortly before 8 p.m. when he tried to beat a red light while crossing onto East Concord Street. Following the turn, he also allegedly swerved into the opposite lane. An officer from the Morganton Department of Public Safety observed his erratic driving and executed a traffic stop.

Rules vary by road type when it comes to passing school buses

School buses on North Carolina roadways get a special deference that other motorists should be aware of. Since schoolchildren are sometimes unpredictable, the buses transporting them act as a no-passing zone in some situations to protect kids who might not be seen by drivers on the road. Illegally passing a school bus can result in a traffic violation. According to a North Carolina Highway Patrol Master Trooper, law enforcement is planning efforts to watch for drivers not following the law.

The rules for passing school buses vary based on the type of road being traveled. On a two-lane roadway, all traffic on both sides of the road must stop for a stopped school bus. The same rules apply when a buss is on a two-lane roadway separated by a turn lane in the center.

What factors could impact a drug trafficking case?

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a substantial setback in your life. You may think that you understand your initial charge, but you may later find out that you actually face more serious allegations than first believed. It is common for certain types of criminal activities, especially drug charges, to have differing degrees of severity.

With a more minor offense, like drug possession, a person could face a misdemeanor charge. However, felony charges could apply to more serious situations, like drug trafficking. Trafficking is one of the most severe types of drug crimes, and if authorities have accused you of participating in such an activity, you will undoubtedly have your hands full working on your defense.

13 NC residents face drug and weapons charges in FBI operation

North Carolina residents may have heard about the arrests of 13 people for a variety of drug and weapons offenses in the eastern part of the state. Twelve of those arrested were indicted on federal charges. In a press conference on August 1, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina announced that 12 people had been charged in connection with a multi-agency operation led by the FBI.

The arrests were made as part of Operation Nor'easter. This operation was executed by the Take Back North Carolina initiative with the goal of curbing suspected heroin and opioid trafficking and gang activity. Some of those who were accused reportedly have previous convictions on their records such as second-degree murder and robbery. Some of the accused were already in state custody on other charges.

Man faces drunk driving charges after going 88 mph on highway

A North Carolina man was taken into custody on July 14 for allegedly driving while under the influence. According to reports, the 36-year-old man was traveling on U.S. 321 in the area near Hardin Road at about 5 a.m. when a trooper clocked his speed at 88 mph.

After pulling the man over, the trooper noted that the man had red, glassy eyes and was unsteady when standing. He also had the odor of alcohol on his breath and was having trouble speaking. When he was given a breath test, his BAC was found to be at .23 percent, which is nearly three times the legal limit in the state of North Carolina.

Triplets in North Carolina accused of selling counterfeit pills

An informant communicating with a 21-year-old man on Facebook connected police in Raleigh with evidence used to arrest him and one of his triplet brothers for an alleged drug operation. The informant arranged for the man to sell him 1,000 counterfeit Xanax bars. After buying the pills, police kept the drugs as evidence and later arrested the two men. Authorities charged the brothers with possessing and selling Xanax pills. Police suspected some of the pills contained the powerful narcotic fentanyl. The third brother had been arrested previously on charges of trafficking heroin or opium.

The search warrants revealed the addresses of two of the brothers, who lived at The Hue Apartments and the Sky House Apartments. Investigators believe that the men received packages of pills ordered off of the dark web at the Sky House Apartments and also manufactured counterfeit pills.

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