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New federal prosecutor in North Carolina

The county commissioners representing New Hanover County plan to participate in the Take Back North Carolina initiative. This program announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office will distribute federal prosecutors throughout the state to increase federal prosecution of drug and gang crimes. One commissioner said that the entire board approved of paying for a second prosecutor to work within the county and supplement the efforts of another prosecutor funded by the federal government.

A district attorney said that currently 51 federal prosecutors serve the state, but all of them live in Raleigh. The problems of opioid abuse and violent crimes prompted the initiative. Regional prosecutors will apply their attention to violent and career criminals, especially those involved in the distribution of heroin and fentanyl.

A county commissioner praised the ongoing efforts of the local law enforcement agencies but welcomed the federal support. The commissioner added that in addition to increasing funds for criminal prosecution, the county planned to raise its budget for addiction treatment.

The involvement of a federal prosecutor in the case of a person accused of criminal activity could significantly raise the stakes for the person. Penalties associated with convictions for federal crimes tend to be harsh, and a person might want the services of a criminal defense attorney. An attorney may evaluate the evidence to see how realistically it could support the charges against the person. Any signs of weakness might empower an attorney to challenge the charges and seek a case dismissal. If charges persist, an attorney may guide a person through the process of going to trial or negotiating a plea bargain. An attorney might strive to gain a plea deal with lenient terms.