The Challenges Of Sex Offenses

Perhaps more than any other type of offense, sex crimes demand a lawyer with the sensitivity and experience to fight in court. The challenges presented by sex crimes are unique, and The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., has the experience in both North Carolina and federal courts to build a strong defense.

It is important to understand that, when facing a charge for any form of sex crime, the norms of crafting your defensive strategy change. Here are the most important differences when it comes to arguing sex crimes:

High Complexity

Sex crimes, especially those involving children, become very complex, very quickly. With high emotions and the difficulty of working with witnesses who are underage and with crimes that may have little evidence, the legal waters can become incredibly muddy.

High Stakes

Crimes involving sex or children are emotional, and they can generate a public response. Frequently, those facing charges in these cases are under the threat of sentences that could be even longer than if they were facing murder charges.

High Courts

In child pornography cases, especially cases involving the use of the Internet images may be transported across state lines. If that happens, it becomes a federal case and the entire weight of the U.S. government is brought to bear against the accused.

High Stress

It is no wonder, considering everything else, that sex crimes are some of the most stressful charges you can face. Stress like this can impact your health, your work and your relationships. The worries that stack up while you consider the future are nearly impossible to calculate.

A Highly Skilled Attorney

At The Law Offices of J. Darren Byers, P.A., we understand the complexity of these cases and have the skill and experience necessary to secure the best outcome for our clients in Winston-Salem. We offer free consultations, so we can review your case and give you the legal advice you need in the moment. Call us at 336-727-1085, or contact us online.